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A lot of films have been produced from Gorakhpur Film City and many more films are going ahead.


Bhojpuri film rakshak was released from Gorakhpur Film City in 7-4-2017 with director Pradeep Maurya


The work of webseries Gorakhpur is ongoing, its pre-production work is still going on

Son Of Bhojpuriya

The film Son of Bhojpuriya has completed, this film is to be launched soon.

Acting Classes

आप गोरखपुर फिल्म सिटी से एक्टिंग सीखकर फिल्म जगत में कैरियर बना सकते है 

“गोरखपुर फिल्म सिटी” पर 20 दिन का शॉर्ट टर्म एक्टिंग का कोर्स कराया जाता है जिसमें गोरखपुर फिल्म सिटी में ही आपका रहना खाना सोना सीखना सारी व्यवस्था होती है आपका आई कार्ड जारी होता है आपको सर्टिफिकेट जारी होता है और आप लाइफटाइम गोरखपुर फिल्म सिटी के मेंबर हो जाते हैं जिससे आपको आजीवन रुक रुक कर काम मिलता रहता है 


Call & Whatsapp – 9794107007

Our Team

We can’t stop until we reach our goal.

Pradeep Maurya

Founder and CEO

Advocate Virat Singh

Legal Head

Major Pitamber

Ex. Army Officer

Kedy Sehok

Music Director

Audio Recording Studio

There is hitech digital audio recording studio in Gorakhpur Film City

Audio Recording Studio in Gorakhpur

Acting Classes

Acting Class In Gorakhpur – Get training in film acting, technique, & more to create your own video content. Rehearse, act, and analyze your performance. Learn from industry experts. Film Acting School,  Film Acting Classes,  Famous Acting Institute, Acting Training School

Film Acting School

Institute of Film , Television & Theatre, An Acting Institute in Gorakhpur, India

Acting Classes In Gorakhpur

Acting Courses, Drama School, Acting Schools, Acting … Institute Of Film Television & Theatre in Gorakhpur

Top Acting School In India

“Excellent place to learn acting”